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Secrets Of The Reggie Bush Workout

Reggie Bush workout results
The following paragraphs will reveal the Reggie Bush workout that helped get Reggie out of the injury list and back into the end zone. At the University of Southern California in 2005 Reggie was the most feared footballer in the country and earned the coveted Heisman trophy. He looked like he was carved from granite but skeptics still wondered if he had the size to match it with the pros. Regardless of doubters, Reggie was given a 'franchise player' tag. How did the Reggie Bush workout change to deal with the pros?

After an amazing rookie season which saw him carry the New Orleans Saints to within one game of the super bowl, Reggie's next season was not as climactic. The year 2007 saw the Saints struggle as Reggie was sidelined with a posterior cruciate knee injury. A new approach was needed. Reggie hit the weights hard and lifted some heavy poundages to rebuild his body. In the new Reggie Bush workout were some interesting additions such as prehab exercises and a crazy physical workout called Fre Flo Do.

Compound movements done explosively are the foundation of the Reggie Bush workout. The big movements are all there with leg press, over head press, bench press, rows and chin ups. But the inclusion of a unique method called prehab is what is responsible for priming the body for the upcoming explosive workouts. Prehab in the Reggie Bush workout includes using resistance bands and performing rows, presses and work for the rear shoulders. The rear shoulders are often susceptible to injury for football players.

One truly unique aspect of the Reggie Bush workout is Fre Flo Do. It is developed by fitness trainer Kappel LeRoy Clarke and is an acrobatic regime that combines eastern philosophy. Understanding that the nature of football is extremely dynamic, with split decision changes and often your reaction is a product of your opponent's action. This is something that is very difficult to replicate off the field. Fre Flo Do attempts to build the reaction and skills that are required for the dynamic, think on your feet activity of football. At the heart of the Reggie Bush workout of Fre Flo Do is the launch pad. This is basically a conveyor belt, or treadmill with no rails or display.

No complaints about this Reggie Bush workout exercise
As part of this unusual training approach the Reggie Bush workout utilizes the launch pad in combination with certain drills and reaction tasks. A main focus is keeping weight on the balls and not the heels of the feet. When you are on the balls of your feet, you are quicker and can react faster. Drills can include hopping over little goal posts, tossing medicine balls and even jumping over bats that the trainer swings at you.

This article aims to provide you with a Reggie Bush workout. There are unique aspects to this workout approach but I am not sure that it is for everyone? The programs of pro athletes are unrealistic for everyday people to follow. There are some great methods for getting the body you desire with smart weight training, constructive cardio and a unique diet approach, your dream could be a reality.

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